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Shane Ralph | Director | Shane Ralph Decorative Painting LTD & SWR|DECArt Studio | Dublin | Ireland

Welcome to our page: Shane Ralph Decorative Painting LTD and SWRDECArt studio

Here we offer you a vast range of painting, decorating and specialist decorative arts services under the umbrella of decorative arts and conservation.

The decorative arts are often categorised in opposition to the "fine arts", namely, painting, drawing, photography, and large-scale sculpture, which generally have no function other than to be seen.

For Specialist Decorative arts, A specialist decorative artists hand can make the most lifeless surface become present and vibrant! It can change a room, a presence and even the environment in which it is placed.

Specifically, targeted use of this discipline can be considered psychologically informed and strategically planned, as to journey through a place that has had the effect of marbling, wood graining or Trompe L'oeil applied, is to experience the entire building, its surroundings, and not just the object decorated.  It transforms and bring the passenger on a journey of delight.

The services and skills that we offer area as follows.


Specialist decorative arts including but not limited to:



Specialist paper/fabric hanging

Trompe l'oeil

Decorative painting

Stone blocking


Wood special effects

Paint restoration

Traditional painting and decoration

Wood graining

Distressed effects

Mural painting

Customised projects

Painting and decorating services for all range of project scales

Professional painting & decorating

Restorative painting

Government projects

Castles & stately homes



Historical painting & decorating


Listed buildings


Over the years and through recommendation & recognition of name & quality services, we have established a satisfied client

base throughout Europe, Ireland & the UK.

If you would like to discuss any projects you have in mind, please contact us on the details provided on the contact us page!

Shane Ralph | Director | Shane Ralph Decorative Painting LTD & SWR|DECArt Studio | Dublin | Ireland | Insurance: 04/28/150176398 |BRN: 3412882PH

Decorative Painting by Shane Ralph Decorative Painting Ltd
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