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The Studio

Shane Ralph | Director | Shane Ralph Decorative Painting LTD & SWR|DECArt Studio | Dublin | Ireland

Our Decorative Arts training studio -SWR|DECArt Studio or more affectionately known as The Cabin!

As a Family run and Irish owned business, we are based in the lovely suburb of North county Dublin, Ireland. located close to the beautiful village and harbour of Howth, the village of Malahide, the beautiful beaches of Portmarnock, the stunning UNISCO nature reserve of Bull Island and the old Guinness summer home grounds of Saint Anne’s Park You are never far away from some stunning seascapes. The grounds of 15th-century Howth Castle, Historical gardens. Martello Towers, museums. medieval ruins. And our favourite of all, the stunning clifftop trail of Howth head that has sweeping sea views and just offshore, Ireland’s Eye, an accessible island off Howth Peninsula, that is an island bird sanctuary with an ancient ruined church.

Inspiration everywhere!


We are located 10min from Dublin city center, 6min from Dublin international airport and 10min from the coast. With multiple shopping centers, cinemas, fast food eatery’s, and several guest houses, B&Bs and hotels and plenty of operating bus and train travel options is quite easy to find us! D17XT81


We run our studio from the grounds of our home in north county Dublin and offer a quaint, quiet and personalised space to explore your range of artistic skills.


All our courses are open to beginners and professionals alike, to those looking for comprehensive and structured training in traditional wood graining and faux marbles and for those wishing to fine tune their skill base. We aim to deliver measurable and evidence based, practical learning, that leaves the student with the ability to produce the product of their tuition. 


We run qualitative courses in specialist decorative arts, we believe that less is more and that quality rules over quantity. We ensure that the class sizes are limited to ensure an appropriate learning environment as we respect that everyone has a different learning style.


“Absolutely brilliant week away in Dublin learning from a great artist. I couldn't recommend doing this enough, if you are serious about it... Learn from the best. Shane goes into a lot of detail and is a great teacher. I will return! Thanks Shane and all the best”


Shane is a renowned decorative painter and artist and can be described as fundamentally dedicated to the field of decorative arts and to the lineage and passing on of its teachings. Again, the studio and Shane's teachings have become one of the most well-known decorative arts, conservation, painting and training studios in Ireland!

When teaching, Shane focus on techniques, movements, product information, tool usage and upkeep and ensures that he passes on this information so that it meets the needs of seasoned and new artists alike.


“Having had the pleasure on numerous occasions over the years of working under Shane I can tell you first hand that Shane's attention to detail is second to none. And his work speaks for itself, it's hard to believe when you look at Shane's faux work whether it's graining, marbling or trompe l'oeil that it's not actually real.”


During the past 25 years Shane has had the pleasure of teaching decorative painting to students from all over Europe Ireland and the UK. The courses we deliver ensure that the student gets a firm footing in the subject of their choice. Weather or not you are an eager enthusiast or a practiced professional, the courses will give you much support, guidance and skills development in your future endeavours.

 There are four course type options available:

  • Weekend intensive courses,

  • Masterclass - Week long courses,

  • Customised classes.

  • Focused individual one to one tuition.


Core Course Content:

  • Interactive discussions on all aspects of decorative arts as indicated by course title.

  • Practical application and designated “practice time”.

  • Demonstrations and application support.

  • Analysis of tools, mediums and supports.

  • Daily, Individualised 1:1 support and guidance.

  • courses offered in both acrylic and oil based mediums.

  • We have a set time on the last day for Q&A


Upon completion:

  • Upon completion of any of these courses, you will have created and completed your individual samples / Panels of graining / marbling / Tromp L'oeil.

  • Have achieved a better understanding in all aspects of wood graining / Tromp L'oeil / marbling. (Course choice dependent)

  • Will have increased confidence in your approach.

  • Will receive the studios certificate of Professional Practice, upon completion of the course.


Regardless of which course you choose, you’ll enjoy a week of skills development and practical professional application, all enjoyed in an upbeat, fun and friendly atmosphere!


For more information about the courses and workshops we run please visit the Masterclass tab above. You can also stay up to date about all events by visiting and liking our Facebook page!

Decorative Painting by Shane Ralph Decorative Painting Ltd
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