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SOLE Bar and Grill: 18-19 William St S, Dublin

This Project focused on the complete redesign and artwork of interior bar and restaurant, Specialist art skills used include but not limited to:

  • staining to rough sawn timber (distressed)

  • distressed pant effect to metal work for 7 arches

  • Copper mirror to back bar wall

  • distressed paint effect to funnel and ceiling above

  • Bronze paint effect

  • Rust effect to Capitals

  • Bronze paint effect to existing hand rail and distressed staining to capping piece

  • Bronze paint effect to frames and doors.

  • capping piece part sand, stain and Laquer

  • Blothchy' paint effect to ceiling

  • Sand, stain and varnish existing service units

Decorative Painting by Shane Ralph Decorative Painting Ltd
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