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Intensive weekend class in Woodgraining.

Course Content:

·        Intro coverage and discussion on choice woodgraining. 

·        Supported / guided practice day.

·        Planned and prepped practical application.

·        Demonstrations, application support and correction guidance.

·        Daily, Individualised 1:1 support and guidance for hands on practice

·        Curtailed class size allows for individualised learning styles and focused 1:1 training. 

·        16 hours of studio time

·        Active application of discussed learned material.

·        Individual and qualitative support and guidance


We run qualitative courses in specialist decorative arts. We believe that less is more and that quality rules over quantity. We ensure that the class sizes are limited to ensure an appropriate learning environment as we respect that everyone has a different learning style

Venue: SWRDECArt Studio – North County Dublin Ireland  

Applications: This course is suitable for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. For those wishing to undertake an in-depth, practical and professional practice orientated course in specialist decorative faux marbles.

Instructor: Shane Ralph Master Decorative Artist – Fellow of the Faculty of Decorative Arts, Member of the Scottish association of painting and craft teachers, Member of The Irish Georgian Society.

Certification: Students receive the studios certificate of Professional Practice

Programme outline:

·        Study of woodgraining: types, regions, cuts and a brief history.

·        Understanding and using woodgraining, glazes, tools, methods etc

·        Understanding hand movement, pressure and specific brushstrokes.

·        How to properly use tools (brushes, combs burlap, cork etc)

·        Discuss basics of wood structures and the various ways wood is cut.

·        Discuss colour trends and overglaze.

·        Caring for your tools and other materials: proper storage and cleaning.

·        How to prepare and use various kinds of glazes: oil / Water based.


Outcomes upon completion: Upon completion, you will have:

·        Created and completed your individual samples / Panels woodgraining

·        Have achieved a better understanding in all aspects of woodgraining.

·        Will have increased confidence in your approach and application

·        Will receive the studios certificate of Professional Practice upon completion of the course

Decorative Painting by Shane Ralph Decorative Painting Ltd
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