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Customised Masterclasss (Full week, long weekend, regular weekend  -all levels of skill )

Course Content

  • In-depth coverage and discussion on the techniques of topic of choice.

  • Supported / guided practice day.

  • Planned and prepped practical application.

  • Demonstrations, application support and correction guidance.

  • painting techniques

  • Daily, Individualised 1:1 support and guidance for hands on practice

  • Curtailed class size allows for individualised learning styles and focused 1:1 training. 

  • agreed hours of studio time

  • Set time on the last day for Q&A

  • Individual and qualitative support and guidance

Venue: SWRDECArt Studio - North County Dublin Ireland 

For more information on location and accommodation in the area please email us on

Applications: This course is suitable those who wish to study bespoke courses to fit their needs.

Instructor: Shane Ralph Master Decorative Artist – Fellow of the Faculty of Decorative Arts, Member of the Irish Georgian Society, member of the Scottish Association of Painting and Craft Teachers

Certification: Students receive the studios certificate of professional  practice.

Programme outline:

  • content dependent on choice of course.


Outcomes upon completion: Upon completion of any of these courses, you will have:

  • Created and completed your individual samples / Panels / Canvas of Tromp L’œil or individuilised course content of choice.

  • Have achieved a better understanding in topic of choice.

  • Will have increased confidence in your approach.

  • Will receive the studios certificate of Professional Practice, upon completion of the course.

  • Students create individual panels to meet their needs, as discussed with studio

Decorative Painting by Shane Ralph Decorative Painting Ltd
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